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Ideas vs.


So, so, so sadly true. Via.


It’s always kind of cool to pull back the curtain and see how other agencies do their thing. And we’ve all wondered from time to time “How the hell did they sell that idea to the client?” Well Denver agency Karsh/Hagan decided to spell it out for us. Most of the ideas are sayings we’ve […]

Way back in college, one of the things my advertising professors pounded into my head over and over was “You have to have a concept.” You’ll find chapters devoted to it in every how-to book on advertising creativity. And during my time as both an ACD and a Creative Director, the phrase I say most […]

PSFK has a great post up about the culture of spontaneity¬†and how marketers should use it as a strategy. When you look at some of the examples they show, you realize that this kind of instant advertising – taking into account the events of the moment – can really attract people’s attention. Of course the […]

This is kind of an update to something I posted earlier about how doctors were suing patients over Yelp reviews. Now apparently, they’re forcing patients to sign waiver agreements saying they won’t make online comments about the doctors. Why don’t doctors realize this is as ridiculous as forcing patients to sign something saying they’ll never […]

I think this exercise is going to be along the lines of asking someone “What makes something taste good?” Everyone’s going to have a different answer. Can we boil a good ad down to a set of criteria? Or is “good” so subjective that it simply can’t be defined? Well, here’s my list. Let the […]