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You’ve got to hand it to DRTV products. They’ll do anything to sell you their junk. Be loud and obnoxious, offer you ka-ray-zee deals, guarantee everything – it doesn’t matter. And now we have ShavWet. The fact that the ShavWet site currently only sells $15.95 plastic shaving mirrors (plus a free shower strap and a […]

Apparently someone thinks this Sprite commercial is the greatest thing in history. How do I know? The six exclamation points give it away. But they weren’t quite clear on what makes it the best. Maybe it’s the actors exploding like suicide bombers at an Iraqi vegetable market. Or better yet, how all their friends look […]

We all know the current model of agency compensation – get paid for hours worked – is broken. It doesn’t differentiate when agencies come up with good ideas or bad ones, and it actually encourages agencies to waste time or bill for hours that weren’t even worked. Plenty of shop and client have tried various […]

This one’s been out for a little while, but I thought it was time to talk about it. By now you’ve probably all seen the latest Carl’s Jr. orgasmeal featuring Padma from Top Chef (and mind-bogglingly enough, the former Mrs. Salman Rushdie). In it she more or less makes love to some nutritional nightmare known […]

…then nothing will. JWT in Australia created this stunning outdoor campaign for the Australian Childhood Foundation. I love it when people take outdoor to the next level like this. The idea is powerful. The execution is beautifully done. And the message is unmistakeable. Then they took things even farther – knowing that people would rip […]

The Japanese are known for some seriously weird advertising, but this one for blood pressure-reducing tea takes the cake. There are men peeing together, a potential forest fire and more blood than a Friday the 13th flick. It’s starts with… ah hell, just watch it and be ready to laugh more than you ever have […]

In my opinion, user-generated advertising contests usually prove the point that advertising is a specialty and regular people should not attempt it at home. So here comes California Senator Barbara Boxer, who decided to hold a contest where supporters could submit a poster design for her. She was even going to let everyone vote on […]