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I mean, when we get stuff like this, is it really even worth it? And do politicians really think we’re so dumb as to vote for them because of this dreck?  

I was cracking up the other day when I saw these two ads for Jerry Brown (running for CA Governor). They’re just devastatingly effective and manage to be negative without smearing Brown with a negative ad brush. Absolutely classic.

You know your campaign is in trouble when you have to start out your political ad with “I am not a witch.” Bill Maher is just destroying her one clip at a time…

Best. Political. Ad. Ever. Via.

Yes, I know Arizona is ground zero for the truly insane right wing wingnuts in this upcoming political season. But this TV ad for Pam Gorman takes the cake. We get it. You can shoot a fucking gun. And when you can explain why that makes you qualified to do absolutely anything other than be […]

Yes, I think that is the strangest headline I’ve ever written here on The Dog & Pony Show. But it’s true. Dan Maes, Colorado gubernatorial candidate and all-around wingnut Tea Bagger is accusing Alex Bogusky’s baby – the B-Cycle project in Denver – of turning America into a “United Nations community.” Apparently the bike-sharing program […]

I know they usually have to crank these things out quickly to take advantage of a news cycle. But why on Earth do political ads have to be so horrendously bad? Take this one for banking reformĀ from Americans United for Change. I could go through the 50 reasons why it’s really, really terrible, but that […]