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Well, that’s an original way to do a promotion. I have to give them that. Via.

This seems like a pretty cool idea – it’s one of those things Nike does that has all the little touches to make it great. I love the line art drawings on the truck depicting what’s inside. Since the promotion is almost over, I’d love to see a new video on how it actually did.

Kind of defeats the purpose, don’t you think? Via.

This (slightly) NSFW concept for Wonderbra must have been done by two guys. “I know, we’ll take women, have them put on a strapless bra, and jump up and down on a trampoline while we film them!” Well done boys. Well done.

I have to give lingerie maker Triumph Australia props for attempting to redefine the language used to describe women’s bodies (even if it is nothing more than a simple marketing stunt designed to get PR). Unfortunately, we all know it’s not going to catch on. If they were serious about it, they’d do more than […]

  Time to stop buying stuff at GameStop. The video game retailer decided it was a good idea to release hundreds of red balloons to kick off the launch of some new game. Of course many of those balloons then ended up in the bay, polluting the water and endangering sea life and birds. Way […]

This run is in Australia. But from this spot I get the feeling that it could just as well be here in SF.