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Oh if I were the kiss-and-tell type, I could go on and on about some of the worst clients you could possible imagine. The sad thing is, I guarantee you all have stories that are just as bad. And these days, nightmare clients seem to be less the exception than ever. Of course clients never […]

We’ve all had them – clients who aren’t just weird or dumb – but truly, completely insane. Clients from Hell is a new site that lets you read and submit anonymous stories of those so crazy we’ll never work with them again. I can’t say I’ve had clients as bad as some of the stories […]

It used to be a given: when a big piece of your business went into review, you threw everything your agency had at it and worked like Hell to keep the account. And in today’s economy, where every last dollar counts, you’d imagine re-pitching business would be even more important. But recently (and thankfully), agencies […]

If you haven’t heard about the Mr. Sub controversy yet, basically what happened it this: Mr. Sub ran the above commercial. People got pissed. So Mr. Sub did the only logical thing – threw their agency, Bos, under the bus. (/sarcasm). In a letter to an upset patron, Mr. Sub said it ‚Äúdecided to end […]

If you’ve worked in advertising for any length of time, you have some great stories about clients killing or maiming your work. Some clients are just afraid – they’d rather keep with the status quo and protect their jobs instead of going out on a limb. Other clients simply don’t get it. And a few […]

Back in the days when I produced a lot of TV, I had a client who loved to come into the editing suite and nitpick. And the worst was when he would try and sound smart by saying “I think that scene needs another frame on the end.” (For those who don’t know, a single […]

In this economy, it’d be really hard to turn down a client. So I hope to God these two don’t come calling. The “world’s first sex toy for dogs” and the urn shaped like the head of your departed loved one (or any celebrity likeness you want). I’m… I just… I mean… … … I […]