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I don’t usually post work from friends, but I’ll make an exception in this case. It’s a San Francisco BART/Muni installation from Struck in Salt Lake City for Utah Tourism and it’s fantastic. I know from experience, it’s REALLY hard to do something like this remotely without having seen the space. So for them to […]

Anyone have a guess what the hell this means? I sure don’t. What else would it be powered by? Midgets on giant hamster wheels?

Payback? Because so many people eat Great White Sharks? Because we shamelessly pimp Shark Week? Or are they telling the sharks to go vegan because eating humans are so horrible for your health, you know, with how fat we are and all. (And by the way, that leg is massively out of proportion to a […]

Since I missed the Friday FAIL on Friday, I figured I’d gross you out on Monday instead. Via.

To promote its Dollar Drink Days, McDonald’s in Canada created this frozen golden arches out of 4,000 one-dollar coins. People were encouraged to ice pick out a coin. What an absolute waste. Could you make it more difficult for people to get a free drink? And for what? What was the purpose of giving a […]

This seems like a pretty cool idea – it’s one of those things Nike does that has all the little touches to make it great. I love the line art drawings on the truck depicting what’s inside. Since the promotion is almost over, I’d love to see a new video on how it actually did.

In nearly every brainstorm I’ve ever been in for a big, national product, someone says “Let’s do a Time’s Square billboard that’s tied into [fill in your favorite social media here].” And then everybody rolls their eyes, laughs and moves on to the next idea. It’s so overdone and cliché that it’s become a parody. […]