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I’m a big Oregon Duck fan. And I hate this Dr. Pepper spot. But when you put the two together, it’s pure comedic gold. This cracked me up.

Here’s a well concepted, well produced commercial for Specsavers. It verges on a little corny for me with the pepper mill shot and the sausage getting chopped, but I’m just glad they didn’t have the naked guy over-react with a Benny Hill-style “Oh my gosh!” look at the end.

Awesome idea. Flawlessly executed. And it’s just so true and so funny. The director throwing the tantrum made me laugh out loud. Just an all-around excellent, unexpected spot. Via.

I have to admit, I was thoroughly fooled. I was never a huge Cheech and Chong fan growing up, but I thought to myself – this would actually be pretty funny to go see. And then I got to the end. Good stuff. Via.

I’ve worked with my share of athletes and I know how hard it is to get a natural performance out of them. It’s usually pretty stiff. That’s why I love this spot for EA Sports. While it’s clear that Landon and Lincecum were instructed to talk trash and that some of what they said were […]

And they just keep getting better and better. The copywriting is genius. The acting is top notch. This is a campaign I wish I had done.

I’m a sucker for dogs. And this photo series by Carli Davidson made me laugh.