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This drags on for a little bit, but you need to wait until the end for the punchline. Just don’t be eating or have liquid in your mouth while watching this. You won’t keep it down. And yes, you’ll think it’s fake. And that’s because it is. Or at least I’m 99.999999999% sure it is. […]

Look, we all know these videos are fake. So let’s just agree to stop doing them, shall we? Especially ones like this. We’ve all seen the videos that are at least semi-plausible. This one is just ridiculous, not funny and so contrived – from the acting to the camerawork to the forced pause on the […]

Once again, no clue what it has to do with selling candy, but this is one of their weirder/funnier/more original spots I’ve seen. And yes, if you do it, it’s creepy as hell.

God I hope 2011 is the year that advertising grows tired of the fake “real” videos. But I doubt it. This one is well done and will fool 98% of the people who watch it. They’ll never think to dig a little deeper and learn the real story behind it. Hopefully we can move past […]

This commercial would have been much better if not for the gigantic legal line slapped on the bottom reading: “Dramatization of a really huge bear attacking a truck box.” They may as well have written: “The entire premise of our commercial is totally fake and manufactured.” Via.

You make women’s underwear. You’re up against the massive marketing machine known as Victoria’s Secret. How can you possible make a name for yourself and get noticed? Step 1: Get a smoking hot model, put her in your product and put her in a car. Step 2: Hire a good cinematographer. Step 3: Find a […]

Shoot me now.


This just in: That ridiculous rollerskating babies spot for Evian? It’s now in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most watched online ad in history. Sorry, I refuse to link to it and add to the insanity. But my original thoughts on the spot are here. Isn’t this a sign of the Apocalypse? […]