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Dear ad agencies, Don’t you know these in-house video things NEVER turn out well? They’re always horrible, unfunny turds left to stink up YouTube. No, it’s not as bad as the debacle, but seriously, when is this going to stop? Creative directors – if one of your teams comes to you with “Hey, let’s […]

SID LEE COLLECTIVE | Boot camp 2011 from sidlee on Vimeo. Here’s an interesting video by Sid Lee about how you build a culture that people want to be a part of. I find a lot of agencies are content to let their culture build itself – they’ve got no vision as to what they’re […]

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of Bob Hoffman of Hoffman/Lewis. On his blog, The Ad Contrarian, he has this painfully contrived schtick where he sets up digital strawmen and then knocks them down – supposedly cutting through the bullshit and interactive hucksters out there. His argument are usually so full of holes and […]

I’ve been in advertising long enough to remember the holiday bonus check. That’s one of those things that seemingly disappeared in advertising with the bust and never returned. And with the unsettled economy, you’d think something extra for the holidays would still be non-existant. But apparently, not so. The Kaplan Thaler Group in New […]

Here’s an agency site I actually like – the new one from JWT. It’s a really interesting concept that pulls from multiple sources like Twitter, RSS, etc. and creates small content boxes out of each piece of information. Here’s the kicker: the site goes on forever. The farther down you scroll, the more content it […]

These are the kind of stories I love. After 31 years, Harley Davidson and Carmichael Lynch parted ways on Monday. Which side broke up with the other is currently a debate, but Harley made it clear that they weren’t going to conduct a new AOR search and instead go with a roster of shops. Now […]

Copy them.


I’ve always wondered why more agencies don’t copy other successful agencies. True, every agency is different, but if you want to be like Crispin, or Wieden or Goodby, why don’t you model your agency after theirs and do what they do? Too many smaller agencies I know have no plan – they don’t know what […]