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I can’t vouch for all the facts in this infographic about tech, but it’s pretty thought provoking and well designed.

I saw the NFL spot that ran during the Super Bowl. Very cool. What’s cooler than that? Their new website – NFL Evolution – that chronicles all the health & safety rules that have been implemented throughout the years. Now I’m a little jaded – as this seems to be a pretty transparent ploy to […]

How is it that a band can consistently come up with more totally unique and innovative uses for technology than all the digital ad agencies out there combined? Sure, there’s the regular video below, but you can also try the interactive version. With the latter, you actually dance in front of your webcam and you […]

I’ve ranted before about the misuse of QR codes, but this takes the cake: a QR code on a website. BONUS!: It takes you to a Flash website that doesn’t play on an iPhone.

Yesterday a friend sent me this article entitled “Why the QR code is failing.” It’s a great read, but you kind of walk away from it thinking, “Well, DUH!” The analysis is so common sense that it makes you wonder why QR codes are so misused by so many agencies these days. I think the […]

Here’s a funny spot for Snapdragon that shows how little energy it uses. But I don’t believe for a second that these bugs actually powered this phone.

“Fish where the fish are.” – it’s a basic maxim of advertising that makes more sense than just about other piece of industry advice I’ve heard. So it makes me shake my head with all these agencies that are trying to sell clients on “the next big thing” in technology. I’m not sure what they’re […]

I guess if you’re the world’s first, it’s kinda cool. I guess.

This sounds too good to be true. Lytro is a Mountain View start-up that is developing the word’s first consumer light field camera. A light field camera captures additional information about the light in a scene, producing a photograph with remarkable characteristics–the image can be viewed in 3D, the focus can be adjusted after the photo is […]

Soundtracks from Robbin Waldemar on Vimeo. I can’t decide if this is one of the cooler ideas I’ve ever seen or one of the fucking dumbest.