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This is really, really cool. Aaron Hobson is finding these incredible shots via Google Street View. That’s it. Who knew that an automatic camera on top of a car could take shots like this? See all of them here.

Since I missed the Friday FAIL on Friday, I figured I’d gross you out on Monday instead. Via.

I’m a sucker for dogs. And this photo series by Carli Davidson made me laugh.

This sounds too good to be true. Lytro is a Mountain View start-up that is developing the word’s first consumer light field camera. A light field camera captures additional information about the light in a scene, producing a photograph with remarkable characteristics–the image can be viewed in 3D, the focus can be adjusted after the photo is […]

Well, they are made with “real beef” after all… Via.

I remember reading Jean Kilbourne back in college… and shooting holes in her thesis back then. So I’m a little surprised that she’s still around and that people still believe her rants. Jean tries to argue that today’s advertising is pushing women to try and be perfect – and that’s why they wear makeup, buy […]

Sports Illustrated Photography at Super Bowl XLV from Max Morse on Vimeo. As an amateur photographer all my life, I find this stuff fascinating. Long gone are the days when a half dozen photographers from SI shot the game and then had a week to develop the film. According to the video above, this year […]