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This is really, really cool. Aaron Hobson is finding these incredible shots via Google Street View. That’s it. Who knew that an automatic camera on top of a car could take shots like this? See all of them here.

Since I missed the Friday FAIL on Friday, I figured I’d gross you out on Monday instead. Via.

I’m a sucker for dogs. And this photo series by Carli Davidson made me laugh.

This sounds too good to be true. Lytro is a Mountain View start-up that is developing the word’s first consumer light field camera. A light field camera captures additional information about the light in a scene, producing a photograph with remarkable characteristics–the image can be viewed in 3D, the focus can be adjusted after the photo is […]

Well, they are made with “real beef” after all… Via.

I remember reading Jean Kilbourne back in college… and shooting holes in her thesis back then. So I’m a little surprised that she’s still around and that people still believe her rants. Jean tries to argue that today’s advertising is pushing women to try and be perfect – and that’s why they wear makeup, buy […]

Sports Illustrated Photography at Super Bowl XLV from Max Morse on Vimeo. As an amateur photographer all my life, I find this stuff fascinating. Long gone are the days when a half dozen photographers from SI shot the game and then had a week to develop the film. According to the video above, this year […]

Not like we didn’t know this already but when you put them all side-by-side, it’s pretty shocking. Via.

This has got to be one of the coolest photography things I’ve seen in a long time. Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov found vintage World War II photographs and took current-day photos from the exact same spots. Then he Photoshopped them together to create some truly original and stunning work. Check it all out here.

I’m guessing the above shot was Photoshopped. Via.