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I’m not going to review the 62 commercials that ran during Sunday’s Super Bowl. You can find plenty of expert dissections of the spots in other corners of the internet. But there was one that I really loved. Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ spot for Chevy Silverado really stood out. It had all the hallmarks of […]

While I watched my Ducks win an amazing victory over the Wisconsin Badgers in this year’s Rose Bowl, I wondered how many high school football players are watching the game and thinking, “DAMN those uniforms are cool! I want to go THERE!” Even if it sways one or two players a year, that’s an advantage […]

I’m not a video game player. I’m not a fan of video games in general. And I haven’t really been wowed by any video game advertising. Sure, some of the Gears of War or Halo commercials are beautiful, but they never really connected with me because I didn’t get into the games. But this… Fuck. […]

Yes kids, our video games used to look like this and our video game commercials did too.

We shop at places we like. So I love seeing the strategy behind this spot for Macy’s – it ties them to Christmas in a way that Saks or Target or any other retailer can’t. And yes, the tie is 100% manufactured, but the nostalgia they pull from comes from a place that doesn’t completely […]

This was the page takeover on SF Gate yesterday. (It may still be up.) Talk about annoying. I come to this site to read the news, not to have the news blocked by a lame ad with a close X so hidden that I get actively pissed off. Toyota Dealers, if you’re reading this, I […]

This spot could be a whole lot worse. So it’s got that going for it. But it’s not really funny or cute or quite what I expect from McD’s. It’s just sort of… there.