My singular Super Bowl review.


I’m not going to review the 62 commercials that ran during Sunday’s Super Bowl. You can find plenty of expert dissections of the spots in other corners of the internet. But there was one that I really loved.

Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ spot for Chevy Silverado really stood out. It had all the hallmarks of a great commercial. The premise was original. There were surprising bits and pieces throughout. It pulled in the perfect amount of pop culture to let everyone in on the jokes. It had a ton of little nuggets that you probably didn’t catch in the first viewing. It was amazingly well produced and art directed. And I personally loved the jab at Ford (that clearly got under Ford’s skin).

Great stuff.

One Response to “My singular Super Bowl review.”

  1. I loved the spot too. I was surprised there was no “female appreciation” in the spot. How can they perpetuate the species without any ladies?!

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