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I’m a big Oregon Duck fan. And I hate this Dr. Pepper spot. But when you put the two together, it’s pure comedic gold. This cracked me up.

For about the first 16 seconds, I thought this was the worst, most over-done vodka commercial in history. Then I saw Andy Samberg and knew it was a joke. But I have to give props to Rokk Vodka – they mock every other vodka brand perfectly. From the ridiculous, melodramatic copy to the wispy, black […]

Nearly 3 million views in 4 days. I think you can figure out who won. BAM! Take that talent to South Beach, Beeotch.

Sorry T-Mobile, but if you’re so desperate that you have to spoof someone else’s advertising (and not even the advertising of your competitor) to try and make your point, you’ve already lost. All you’re doing in this commercial is reminding people that you don’t have the iPhone.

It took less than 24 hours. I love the Internet. Via.

It was just a matter of time until the GM “Reinvention” ad got spoofed. Luckily, the spoof is really, really good. There’s even a well-done fake website with headlines like “GM Takes a Crap-ton of Taxpayer Money.” GM, you know you deserve this. Via.

There’s a fine line and a ton of public debate these days over what constitutes copyright and copyright infringement. And there’s good points on both sides of the argument, of which for space reasons I won’t get into. But when did it become ok for businesses to blatantly rip off other advertisements? I mean, the […]