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On my way into work every morning I hear this radio spot for MGD at least once. So over the past 3 or 4 months I’ve probably heard it 100 times… and I still can’t decide if it’s a joke or not. As music, it’s produced quite well with no hints of irony. So I’d […]

This news made me sad. From the real time blogging at Cannes: “No work was submitted for Budweiser’s “Real Men of Genius,” from DDB Chicago, which is perhaps Radio’s most awarded campaign ever.” In memory of the greatest radio campaign in history, I’m going to pour out a little Bud Lite in the dirt […]

I’ve always loved writing radio. You can do a ton with a tiny budget. It’s all on you as a writer. And the bar is so damn low because 99% of the radio spots out there are absolutely horrible. It’s that love that compels me to give huge props to the Kaiser Permanente “Thrive” campaign. […]

Genius radio.


I hate to post this on the day before Thanksgiving because a lot of people will miss it and it deserves to be seen. I love doing radio. It’s a writer’s dream medium – all words, all your responsibility and all kinds of things you can do with even a small budget. But I also […]

American Copywriter has a hilarious post of how Kia misspelled the name of its own car. And not just once – multiple times. I guess this is what happens when marketing budgets get slashed – the proofreaders are the first to go. But really? Your own car model? As a joke, I wish a ton […]

It’s rare an ad will stop me these days. I fast forward through commercials with Tivo and I’ll change the radio station in a heartbeat. So the fact that I will make a point to stop and watch or listen to the Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign really says something. I […]

Dead Radio.


I never understood why some copywriters don’t like to write radio – and I’ve met a lot of them. For me, it’s my absolutely favorite thing to write. I can do pretty much anything I want (since I’m not working with an AD on it), unlike TV I can still do almost anything even with […]