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Ugh, BK. You ditched Crispin for THIS? I mean, it’s not offensively bad or anything, it’s just 1) boring and not creative and 2) a lie. Look, I think we all know how powerful the franchisees are and they wanted to show the product. I can practically hear their feedback now. So I think we […]

Finally! Scam Creative Director Rodolfo Sampaio of scam Brazilian agency Moma Propaganda has had his fraudulently obtained Cannes Lions revoked for the Silver-winning scam pedophilia-themed Kia ad. Of course Cannes wussed out and only banned all the creatives listed on the entry for 1-year. They should have banned them for 5 years. Or maybe forever. But […]

Ok Cannes – it’s time to step up and ban this guy like you promised. Douchebag and scam artist extraordinaire Rodolfo Sampaio, Chief Creative Officer for Moma Propaganda in Sao Paulo, Brazil has been caught yet again entering a fake ad in an award show. If the name sounds familiar, Rodolfo was the lowlife who caused […]

Let’s get past the debate of whether it’s fake or real. (It’s fake.) My bigger issue is that this stunt driver could do the same thing with any number of cars. So I’m not sure what the unique selling point is or why this is anything more than just a special effect turned into a […]

Oh Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Did you really think that no one would find out that you created a second Facebook profile in order to “like” and leave nice comments on your official Sarah Palin Facebook page? Wonkette has all the damning details and the full rundown on the Facebooker known as “Lou Sarah.” It’s not […]

God I hope 2011 is the year that advertising grows tired of the fake “real” videos. But I doubt it. This one is well done and will fool 98% of the people who watch it. They’ll never think to dig a little deeper and learn the real story behind it. Hopefully we can move past […]

Bike vs. Yawn.


This is so over-produced you know it’s not real. And you know exactly how it’s going to end about 15 seconds into it. I’m getting so tired of these faux stunt videos. What value is this adding to the brand? Does anyone really care or think that it’s cool that a bobsled and a motorcycle […]