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By today’s standards, this Lego ad from 1981 is considered long copy. And it’d probably get knocked for not being exciting enough or some such ridiculousness.

GM, what were you thinking? Mocking college students who ride bikes as losers who are laughed at by girls in cars probably isn’t the best way to sell your product. And I guess you figured that out after you were pressured into pulling the ad. It constantly amazes me that 1. there’s an agency out […]

My first reaction was “Why does something as iconic as Sharpie need to advertise at all?” But hey, when you do work that’s as cool as this, then who am I to say don’t market yourself.

Damn this is a cool idea. It uses QR codes in print to communicate in a way that I’ve never seen done before. What a great understanding of how the technology can be used – not just for technology sake – but for connecting with an audience on a deeper, more information and emotional level. […]

Lithuanian advertising firm Love Agency created this awesome print campaign for Mint Vinetu, a used bookstore in Vilinus. I’m always suspicious of foreign advertising done for tiny clients – it just screams “scam ad” or something done solely for award shows. But this is still very cool. See the rest of the campaign here.

I’ve used Blurb for a book and I have several friends who have used them as well. So it’s great to see them finally advertising and getting the word out to a broader audience. This print campaign is sweet. I love the art direction. It makes physical books sexy again. Via.

Is the MILF segment really that big? Via.

Man, I’m so tired of shockvertising that does nothing to sell the product. You can barely see the product (if at all). The tagline is a complete non-sequitir. And it does absolutely zero to tell me why I should choose Wrangler over any other brand of jeans. In fact, the visuals are disturbing enough that […]

Unless Mom is your favorite Mexican. Via.

I wonder what the headline would have been if they’d won? Weird to think the creative team’s brief probably said “Come up with one ad if they win and one if they lose. Via.