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Whomever green-lighted the name “Slobstopper” should be forced to wear one of these every time they go anywhere in public.

While I knew it wasn’t real in about the first 5 seconds, this fake infomercial for the Food Lift is pretty damn funny. Then check out the accompanying website for other hilarious fake devices meant to help you out when you don’t drink enough milk. Not sure if this is a Goodby production or another […]

It takes a lot – and I mean A LOT – to be considered one of the 25 worst infomercials ever. The bar is pretty damn high. But these 25 are certainly up to the task. Coincidentally, I’ve previously posted about the Shake Weight, the Wearable Towel, the Windows 7 Party, the Snuggie, Comfort Wipe […]

I have nothing else to say about this. Via.

Doggie Snuggie?


Ok, the whole Snuggie craze was fun for about 10 minutes. Hell, I even bought two. But now they’re pushing their luck with the new Snuggie for dogs. I think this is one of the signs of the apocalypse. Or one of the reasons terrorists hate America or something. Um… dogs already have a Snuggie. […]

Oh infomercial, I love how you become more and more ridiculous by the day. Check out the Shake Weight. I love that you have to tell me it’s the “official” Shake Weight site. As if there are dozens of unofficial sites out there. I love even more that you’re .org because you couldn’t get .com […]

You know, when I’m on the toilet wiping my ass, I often bemoan the fact that toilet paper hasn’t been improved upon since the 1880s. Well now apparently all that’s changed with the Comfort Wipe. Comfort Wipe is basically a stick that… ah hell, watch the video. You’ll be amused at the infomercial, but I […]