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“I’ll be back… every 28 days.” Via.

So often, clients come to agencies already thinking they know what they want. We need a #10 DM package. We need a print ad. We need a banner campaign. And they don’t leave any room for the agency to creatively solve their problem from a different angle. That’s why this story on Creativity Magazine about […]

I sincerely hope you can read the joy in my writing when I talk about Manny Ramirez of the L.A. Dodgers getting suspended for 50 games for taking a female fertility drug (which is more commonly used by men to elevate testosterone and mask steroid use). As a Giants fan, I love nothing more than […]

For those who don’t know, Cracker Barrel is like the Southern equivalent to Olive Garden – cheap, bad food built around some kind of pseudo-theme. Now if you did know Cracker Barrel and don’t already hate them, here’s another reason – they’ll be the sole retailer for Dolly Parton’s new CD. Seriously – go to […]

¬† I guess this might have been cool in 1994 after Pulp Fiction came out. But using Jules Winnifeld to re-deliver a Bible quote announcing the return of Jesus, um, I mean Tiger Woods to the Golf Channel? Maybe if Samuel Jackson had delivered the lines like this it would have been slightly more entertaining. […]

There used to be a time when companies understood that there were certain cultural phenomenon which couldn’t be co-opted by a marketing message. Ok, that’s a lie. Companies have never understood that. Exhibit A, if it pleases the court:¬†According to USA Today, this year’s NBA All-Star game will feature not simply a classic game of […]