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By today’s standards, this Lego ad from 1981 is considered long copy. And it’d probably get knocked for not being exciting enough or some such ridiculousness.

Yes kids, our video games used to look like this and our video game commercials did too.

We shop at places we like. So I love seeing the strategy behind this spot for Macy’s – it ties them to Christmas in a way that Saks or Target or any other retailer can’t. And yes, the tie is 100% manufactured, but the nostalgia they pull from comes from a place that doesn’t completely […]

Just sit back and enjoy this gem. You’re welcome.

There are so many jokes here I don’t even know where to start. The worst part about it is, you know people bought this tape.

First is a Lexus commercial from nearly 20 years ago. Next is their newest spot in their “hard way” campaign. See any similarities? Looks like Lexus is going back to the concept of “We’ll take a product benefit no one really cares about and dramatize the hell out of it.” I can’t rip on them […]

Did you know that typewriter ribbon came in tins? (Hell, do you even know what a typewriter is?) Either way, check out these beautifully designed packages for something as disposable as typewriter ribbon. It’s sad that real, honest design like this has mostly gone the way of the dinosaur (or the typewriter). Via.

And people wonder why Americans are so fat? Check out this vintage ad from the 50s that advertises “2 full glasses in each 12oz. KING-SIZE CAN!” and compare it to Long John Silver’s POS where a “small” is 20oz. and a “large” is 64oz. (Which, in 50’s terms is apparently more than 10 full glasses.) […]

I know you can’t read this ad from the image above, so click here, read it, and hear the truth from a master. As Copyranter says “Young Creatives: put down your f*cking iPhones and learn something.

Work on the BP account? Camel cigarettes? Maybe you were assigned to the gas-guzzling Hummer account? At least you can always say you weren’t as bad as these guys. Holy crap these are shockingly horrible.