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Last week the ad world was abuzz about a long, long article written by Fast Company called “The Future of Advertising.” It’s a well-researched article that does a good job outlining the troubles that face our industry and author Danielle Sacks does a fine job of interviewing a ton of big-name ad folks to get […]

About a year ago, I wrote a post about the future of advertising. The general premise was that with all the smart, creative people working in agencies, it made a ton of sense for them to go around the middleman (the client) and start producing direct-to-consumer products of their own. By transitioning some of their […]

I’ve done my share of crystal ball gazing on the future of advertising. And certainly everyone and their advertising grandma has an opinion on it. But Bud Caddell, Senior Strategist for digital think tank Undercurrent has one of the most thoughtful posts on the subject I’ve read in a long, long time. He’s done his […]

While some unimaginative dinosaurs continue to miss the potential of social media like Facebook and Twitter, other more forward-thinking agencies are coupling their creativity with technology to show us all the vast potential. Check out Razorfish’s short, 30-slide presentation they gave a while back. It’s a great eye opener – specifically to the power of […]

Everyone’s talking about these semi-cool retro spots that Pepsi did to promote their new “Pepsi Throwback” drink. The 15-second ads are fine. Whatever. But people seem to be missing the bigger point: These ads were made exclusively to run on Hulu, the online streaming TV site. This is big. Way big. Not only are advertisers […]

I’ve talked about the idea of agencies moving from producing advertising for other companies to producing their own products here and here. But I hadn’t actually devised a catchy name for it like the panel at the PSFK Conference NYC did. Nevertheless, they got a great group of minds together to speak on the topic of […]

I’ll fully admit to being fascinated by how advertising agencies are going to change. I’ve posted on agencies who create their own products and how that’s the future of our industry. I also recently posted on Coca-Cola’s asinine new “Value-based pricing” which really should be called “Ways to screw our agencies pricing.” But here’s one […]