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Are people really still using Braveheart as an idea? Really? I mean, it was a good flick and all, but do you really want to link your business to a 16-year-old movie starring Mel Gibson? Via.

Funny that I was sent the same Doritos Super Bowl spot from two different readers today. One (rightfully) pointed out that it’s a blatant rip off of another spot (see above). And when you watch them side-by-side, it’s pretty clear that’s true. The other reader linked to this article that also (rightfully) rants on how […]

Seriously Microsoft. You couldn’t come up with your own idea? You had to rip off someone else’s concept and then do it as unfunny as possible. I will be absolutely shocked if there is a worse ad this year.

Can we all agree the Rube Goldberg concepts can stop now? Or better yet, let’s stop copying OK Go videos.

Yesterday, I posted about a kid who stole web design work from one of my friends (and multiple other people) and passed it off as his own. After a Twitter campaign to shame him, he simply deleted his Twitter account and made his Linkedin profile private. And then I got an email from him: Hey […]

There is almost nothing that gets me as pissed as hearing about some hack stealing someone else’s work. It’s happened to me twice before and I was livid. So I’m just as livid that David M Dyer, a hack online designer, has stolen a website from a friend of mine (as well as websites from […]

Ok, maybe I spoke too soon the other day when I said this campaign for Born Free was a different take on the usual. AgencySpy has a post up showing the similarities to a campaign done a year ago by Toronto-based Holmes & Lee and Reason Partners. Are they similar? Yes. Are they far enough […]