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Apparently sarcasm boosts creativity. If that’s really true however, my creative teams should be the most creative people on the planet.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared from This Is It on Vimeo. Wow this is strange. I don’t know whether to think it’s strange-cool or just strange-strange.

This story in Wired is a couple months old, but I was too distracted to post about it until now. Harvard studied a whole bunch of people and found that the most creative people are also the easiest to distract. They’re not able to tune out all the external stimulus around them. All I have […]

If there is any doubt that creativity can change the world, check this out. Replenish Cleaning Products took a completely new look at sustainable ways to package their products and ended up with a truly creative solution – they took out the water. Now, instead of using energy to ship something that was 99% water […]

In advertising, I see art director and copywriter books all the time where everything looks similar. They have a style. And while a certain style can be a good thing, I’ve always prided myself on not having a style – I adapt my writing to whatever tone fits each specific client. Now check out the […]

Creatives certainly aren’t known for sleeping. If anything, we’re up all night coming up with ideas or working on a project. But recent science actually suggests that the more you sleep, the more your brain primes your creativity pump. Read this quick post by Dr. Joanne Cantor on sleep and creativity. She has a follow-up […]

This has been around since 2005 and I wish they had done a better job getting the word out, because it’s filled with so much good stuff I may take the weekend to get through it all. Diary of a Creative Director features some big time names – like David Droga and Lee Garfinkel and […]

I was reading a couple great blog posts today that got me thinking. The first is from Seth Godin. He went to see the Tim Burton retrospective at the Moma the other day and was surprised to see how much time Burton spent on failed projects. By his count, Burton was involved in tons of […]