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I love Banksy. So I loved his 1-hour TV special, The Antics Roadshow that aired in the UK this weekend and chronicles the history of behaving badly in public. Via.

In order to bring attention to global warming, San Francisco artist Brian Goggin is going to move a massive block of ice from Greenland to New York City and keep it in a temperature-controlled sculpture for 488 years. I wonder how the irony was lost on Brian that he’ll be creating massive amounts of greenhouse gasses and wasting […]

Wow – this is one of the more impressive art pieces I’ve seen in a while. Kim Hyun makes them by running wire through dice. What a super cool idea and amazing execution. Via.

If Hot Wheels doesn’t find some way to use this amazing art in an ad campaign, they’re crazy. This is every little boy’s dream.

I’ve told a lot of people this story, but here goes again: Out of all the athletes and celebrities I’ve ever worked with, Muhammad Ali was by far and away the most impressive person I’ve met. He had an aura about him that was unlike anyone else. I think you could have blindfolded me and […]

The Burgervetica art print. Buy it here for $25. Via.

I love a little anti-advertising as much as the next guy, and this stuff from the mysterious TrustoCorp is pretty damn cool. It started appearing on random store shelves in Manhattan last week. No one seems to know much more than that. All I know is you should check out some of the other “products.” […]

When I think of advertising, I have to go a ways down the list to get to storefront signage. Of course it’s advertising, but because it’s not something we get to effect all that often, we tend to forget about it as a medium. However artist Steve Lambert didn’t. And his new show in LA, […]