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Here’s a fun media placement. You don’t see a lot of advertising next to elevators. It’s just too bad it’s for a plastic surgeon and the headline is “Be born again.” That’s just a little too creepy for me. Via.

How do you categorize these? New media? I’d complain that the tackiness level is off the charts, but then I remembered this is advertising we’re talking about. There is no ceiling for tacky. Via.

Social media is all the rage today. But unfortunately, there are plenty of people out there who don’t believe in it, understand how to use it, or even see the future possibilities. For those people, there’s “What the f**k is social media.” It’s a amazingly well-done slide presentation that covers everything you ever wanted to […]

A Nike Debacle.


Leave it to Nike to connect with skateboarders with a pitch-perfect tone and some bad-ass video. Debacle, the 24-minute short film featuring some of the coolest skate tricks you’ve seen in a while, walks that fine line between commercial shill and underground skate vid. I haven’t had time to watch the whole thing, but in […]

I’ve posted here and here about how agencies creating products is the next big thing. And here’s yet another example. The digital marketing agency Fluid has created technology that allows people to chat with their Facebook friends and get status update feedback about different retailer’s products. The technology does quite a few things – all […]

Maybe this is why ad agencies are having a tough time now – we’ve all been using online, traditional and social media to get our message out. But we’ve been ignoring Brain Ads. For a mere $2000 “donation,” Brain Ads will telepathically send your ad into the heads of people around the world.  The unidentified owner […]

Another day, another great use for Twitter. First it was an ad agency creating a way for bakeries to alert customers that the cinnamon rolls are hot out of the oven. Now it’s an entire city using a “Twisitors Center” to help visitors explore Portland, OR. Looking for a good place for breakfast? Just Tweet […]