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I kind of feel sorry for telemarketers. They’re mostly good people just trying to make ends meet in a crappy job they probably hate just as much as you hate them calling you. It’s got to be rough knowing that you’re more than likely going to get hung up on the second you start talking. […]

Yes, this is real. No, not UFOs. This flyer for the Bay Area UFO Expo. Let’s just hope that if aliens come to Earth, they know how to use Photoshop better than these guys. Via.

Long-time readers of The Dog n Pony Show (all six months of it) will know that I keep hammering away on benefit, benefit, benefit. Too many ads try and be clever or funny at the expense of clearly communicating a benefit. That, however, is not a problem with these ads for Omax wide-angle lenses from […]

With the cries to legalize marijuana getting louder and louder every day, serious discussion is starting to happen on the state level about the pros and cons. Potheads everywhere are drooling into their bongs over the thought of simply walking down to the nearest 7-11 to buy a pack of joints. So Print Magazine decided […]

In this economy, it’d be really hard to turn down a client. So I hope to God these two don’t come calling. The “world’s first sex toy for dogs” and the urn shaped like the head of your departed loved one (or any celebrity likeness you want). I’m… I just… I mean… … … I […]

At the top of my list of reasons I’d rather be a writer than an art director is that I never have to do a logo. It’s hard as hell to come up with something iconic that still communicates all the crap clients inevitably want to squeeze into a mark. But here are 20 logos […]

I’m usually loathe to continue to perpetuate the ridiculous Account vs. Creative battle. It’s a tired stereotype that does nothing to further good work and makes everyone look like assholes. So instead of looking at Zach Golden’s hilarious new bingo game in that way, I’m going to see it as Jargonists vs. English Speaking People. […]