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The “Not Beyonce” post below is the best copywriting I’ve read all week, but this comes in a close second. I mean, any copy that can make it cool to be stuck behind a bus scores points in my book. Read it up close here. Via. Advertisements

I can’t tell you how nice it is to see a copywriter really take pride in their work. It’s just more proof that no assignment is a bad assignment. Via.

A big idea.


Check out this great campaign for Vodafone by German agency Scholz & Friends NRW. The other executions are just as good. They’re visually interesting, the 4-word headline says it all, and this is a campaign that could go on just about forever. Ideas for more executions? Put them in the comments section.

I know. It’s a pun (and a terrible one). But skip past my crappy headline and check out this vintage ad for Daisy air rifles. I’m having A Christmas Story “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” flashbacks. Read all the copy here.

Senator Eric Adams from New York apparently couldn’t get on American Idol, so he did the next best thing in the fight against pants on the ground – he launched an ad campaign. He spent $2,000 in campaign for six billboards around his hometown of Brooklyn to help “Stop the Sag!” Because, you know, there […]

There are bad promotions and then there are these. Tomatoes with money in them, Sam Adams’ kid’s night, decapitated goats and… wait, what? Yes, decapitated goats. At right is the Mission Impossible III bonehead move of putting boxes with protruding red wires that played the theme song into newspaper vending machines. I’m sure you’re as […]

Harley Davidson, Mary Kay, Lipton Tea – the brands are iconic, but would you know the faces that started them? Take a guess at this picture. If you couldn’t pick out Manolo Blahnik is a crowd, this Life Magazine pictorial is for you. It has 33 not-so-classic faces behind 33 classic brands and not only […]