Pepsi loses even more ground to Coke.


Here’s some big news in the cola wars – Diet Coke has now moved into second place ahead of Pepsi. Coke sold 1.6 billion cases, Diet Coke hit 927 million cases and Pepsi fell to third with 892 million.

The more interesting thing though is that Coke has accomplished this by sticking to mainly traditional advertising while Pepsi has dumped the majority of its budget into ancillary projects like Pepsi Refresh and the PepsiCo 10.

I’ve often said that I feel like in pursuit of the newest and coolest, we’ve gotten away from what we’re really here to do – sell stuff. And maybe that’s the case with Pepsi. I don’t know. What I do know is that the message I get from recent Coke advertising is that Coke is refreshing and makes you happy. What do I get from Pepsi? I don’t know. They rarely talk about their actual cola or give me a benefit to buying their product.

And that may be my answer right there for why their flagship product has fallen into third place.



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