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There’s not a creative I know who doesn’t bitch about creative briefs. More often than not they’re just regurgitated clientspeak with cut-and-paste target audience information and a key message that’s either not believable, not ownable, or is nothing more than a feature instead of a consumer benefit. So the question is: do we need briefs […]

It wasn’t even a close race. Japan was leading the field right from the opening gate and down the backstretch. But then! Out of nowhere! Here comes Egypt with this ad (and this one and this one) for Panda Cheese! “Don’t say no to Panda.” AND DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME! Via.

It’s not as gut-wrenchingly horrible as this effort, but come on kids, how many times do we have to say it: It’s about the work, it’s about the work, it’s about the work. You don’t need to do some goofy video to get hired. It does nothing but reek of desperation. And while this one […]

The Instant Oil Spill is a very well-done idea from A Cleaner Future. You just plug in your website URL and voila! Your site is covered in oil – just like a certain gulf we know. This has all the characteristics of a great stunt – it’s dramatic, memorable, clear and they get the point […]

Repeat after me: “I will not use talking animals in my commercials. I will not use talking animals in my commercials…” It’s become such a cliché at the point that no matter how good your concept is, it’s going to suffer from a seen-it-before factor. Not to mention its cheese ball factor.

Lynx Rise


This is a rare commercial – you can see each punch line coming from a mile away, yet each one makes you laugh. The dork playing the boyfriend performs spot on and there’s always a little extra flourish (like the Jack-in-the-Box) that takes it to a slightly higher level. Now the tie to the product […]

I’m trying to get over my prejudice that every single good ad that comes out Asia is scam. I’d love to believe they can do great creative for real clients – I just haven’t seen it. But in giving them the benefit of the doubt, check out this cool series of print ads for Penguin […]