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Well, sorta. Using some nicely done digital trickery, they’ve been assembled to create this spot for RockBand – the Beatles edition. I’m a little torn on this gimmick, because I’ve seen it done so many times before – starting with Forrest Gump about 15 years ago. And I’ve seen it done better – this Michael […]

Not to be outdone by The Beatles edition of RockBand, Guitar Hero 5 has announced that you’ll soon be able to fake guitar jam as none other than the successfully suicidal king of grunge. Why do I not see this ending well? It’s one thing to use real footage of John Lennon and bring him […]

Sorry, these milk ads from South Africa don’t make me want to drink milk. They just creep me out. A chicken that suddenly grows teeth? A naked turtle? A sea gull that, well, you can watch for yourselves. If I’m trying to get across benefits of a product, I’m not going to do it with […]

If you’re a 12-16 year-old teen age girl and you get arrested, I’ve got the perfect lawyer 4 U. AAR8 it’s btr than ADIH. But ATAB. I’m ROFL. TTYL. (And if you know what all that means, you need serious help.) Via.

I’ve seen a lot of websites. And I’ve seen a lot of BAD websites. But I’ve got to tell you, I’ve never seen anything like this posting of the 20 worst-designed websites in the world. I mean, I’m almost at a loss for words at the complete lack of taste, design, functionality, information architecture and […]

Talk about the perfect promotion – the horror flick Saw VI is sponsoring a Halloween blood drive and encouraging movie goers to “give ’til it hurts” with this eye-catching poster. It’s a great photograph and one that’s sure to stop you in your tracks (although I can’t say it’s the most practical Halloween costume in […]

Jelly Helm came across this rather interesting – and labor-intensive – method of advertising while in Buenos Aires. At an intersection, three guys holding signs would walk out into the crosswalk and display them to the drivers waiting at the light. I guess whatever works, right? They’ve certainly got a captive audience. I can see […]