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I saw this ad on Thanksgiving Day and was blown away. Then I watched it again online and thought “What a self-serving piece of crap.” And then I watched it again and realized it was genius. On the surface it’s a risky strategy – to admit you screwed up in such a monumental way. But […]



My wife thinks we should get a 3D TV. I think it’s kind of gimmicky and I’m not sure the content is there yet. But because we’ve been talking about it, I took notice of these ESPN 3D spots and had to laugh. See more here, here, here and here.

We already all hate Blockbuster. That’s why they went bankrupt in the first place. But instead of going sweetly into the night, they got some sucker to give them cash for one last ad campaign to try and save it all. Our advice for the investor? Don’t hold your breath waiting for your money back. […]

For about the first 16 seconds, I thought this was the worst, most over-done vodka commercial in history. Then I saw Andy Samberg and knew it was a joke. But I have to give props to Rokk Vodka – they mock every other vodka brand perfectly. From the ridiculous, melodramatic copy to the wispy, black […]

This is supposedly the last work from GSD&M before they resign the BMW account at the end of the year. It’s a hell of a way to go out. “Unscripted Stories” is a beautiful ode to the love of the Ultimate Driving Machine and pure storytelling at its best. You can see two episodes here […]

You’d think Camel would know better than to co-opt a cultural icon of one of the most anti-smoking cities in all of America. They’re out with a limited edition box that celebrates the history of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood – but apparently no one on the project has ever been to SF. Because if they had, they’d know […]

I hate Subway.


Dear Subway, I didn’t think you could make me hate something more than your sandwiches. But then you came out with these spots. Ugh. Could you have less of a concept or be more annoying? Via.